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Derwen Hedging from the Wholesaler

Buy your hedging direct from the wholesaler for the highest quality at the lowest price. We  are one of the biggest specialist tree and hedging nurseries in the country and through this website we can offer hedging that we normally supply to retailers. By cutting out the middleman you will receive the finest quality at low cost.

If you are looking for the most economical way to plant a hedge then choose bare rooted plants. Not only are they good value, they are also the choice of professionals as bare rooted hedging establishes very quickly. We supply great estates all over the country with a native hedging mixture of hawthorn combined with a smaller percentage of blackthorn, field maple and hazel. We also supply quantities of yew, box and many other decorative hedging plants. 

If you want to plant a hedge from April to October you still have the inexpensive option of buying young pot grown plants. Like bare rooted plants these are young and will establish quickly and easily. 

For larger specimens, our rootball hedging plants are inexpensive alternatives to the large, mature container grown specimens that you find in the garden centre. Because we are a nursery we can offer established plants, grown in our fields and then dug up with roots still in soil and wrapped in a wire cage and burlap. Such hedging plants will give you an instant hedge and in the case of trees, an instant wood!

Please note that bare rooted and root-balled plants are only available between November and March when the plants are dormant. Naturally, we only dig them up when conditions allow and the soil is not deeply frozen. However, you can order bare rooted and root-balled plants at any time and we will deliver them as soon as they become available.

Whether you choose bare rooted hedging, rootballed hedging or pot grown hedging be assured that these are the highest quality plants at the lowest prices and will be delivered in top condition. After all, here at Hedging From The Wholesaler it’s our business. 

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